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MATRYOSHKA.TV respects the rights of copyright holders and values the authors of original content. We ask users to act lawfully in relation to copyright and related rights.

The administration of the MATRYOSHKA.TV website in good faith believes that the User takes actions to download, store, promote (promote), obtain and / or provide access to Users and other actions in relation to: Content, (including, but not limited to: videos, video collections, phonograms, content items, TV programs, TV channel content, blogging content, any graphic, interactive photo and video images / materials, as well as any information and materials provided jointly with or in connection with such Content items that may be accompanied with the Content items to which they belong) using the rights to the specified Content that belong to the User as the Author, or the Copyright Holder, or the Partner, or the rights that were duly obtained by the User from the Author, or the Copyright Holder in the manner prescribed by the Civil Legislation of the Russian Federation and international law.

MATRYOSHKA.TV assists copyright holders and authors of original content in protecting copyrights in the manner prescribed by the civil legislation of the Russian Federation to the extent of the rights and obligations granted to the site administrator.

For these purposes, and in cases where a correct notice of copyright infringement is received, illegally posted content will be removed. If you find content on the MATRYOSHKA.TV platform, the rights to use which belong to you or the person whose official representative you are, please let us know via the feedback form.

How to determine if content is for children

It is your responsibility to indicate that the videos are for children, no matter what country you live in. If you assign videos to the wrong categories, we may take action against your account.

This article provides general information about what content is considered appropriate for children, but we cannot provide legal advice. If you have any doubts about how to classify your videos, we recommend that you contact a lawyer.

In general terms, intended for children is the following content:

  • videos about children or with children's characters;
  • popular children's shows and content featuring animated characters;
  • performances and stories, the heroes of which are children's toys;
  • videos in which children play the main roles and participate in various games, for example, role-playing;
  • famous children's songs, stories and poems.

There are many factors to consider when evaluating content, including:

  • whether the topic of the video is interesting for children (for example, educational content for preschoolers).
  • whether the video is intended primarily for children (for example, this is indicated in the metadata), or whether it may simply interest them.
  • whether young actors or models are filmed in it.
  • whether there are popular characters among children, cartoon characters, toys or famous people in the video.
  • how simple and clear the language of the video is for children.
  • Are there any learning elements in the video? any other activities that may be of interest to children (such as games, performances, or simple songs) are shown.
  • whether there are children's songs, stories or poems in the video.
  • whether there is information in the video or its metadata that may indicate the target audience.
  • Whether the content is advertised to children.


  • Even if your content meets some of the criteria, this does not mean that it is intended for children. When evaluating your videos based on the factors above, try to be as specific as possible about the audience you want to reach.
  • Don't rely solely on Analytics to properly categorize content. Consider all factors.
  • If the author independently marked the video as intended for children, it will be more likely to be recommended to viewers who have watched materials on topics of interest to children


The MATRYOSHKA.TV System acts as an Information Intermediary, the owner of an information resource on the Internet, on which audiovisual works are placed exclusively by Internet Users, and which does not choose the recipient of this information, does not affect the integrity of such transmitted information, and due to the specifics of the status of the Information Intermediary, and is not responsible for the actions of third parties that violate the current Russian legislation, and in accordance with Art. 1253.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Art. 15.7 of the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection" takes measures to suppress the relevant violations at the request of the Copyright Holders.

Copyright holders (and persons acting on their behalf) should be fully aware that the Information Intermediary, by virtue of its status, is obliged to monitor information that is posted, transmitted or stored by Users on the Site, as well as to actively search for facts or consequences that indicate illegal activity is not mandated by law. Moreover, the Administration does not have the right to assume the functions of law enforcement or judicial authorities in order to objectively evaluate the placement of this or that Content by Users on the Site for legality and non-violation of the rights of third parties. In the event of a dispute and the impossibility of its settlement within the framework of these Regulations, the Applicant must be guided by the current provisions of the applicable Russian legislation.

MATRYOSHKA.TV unconditionally respects the rights of Authors and Copyright Holders, and consistently adheres to the principles of active cooperation with Copyright Holders (acting in their turn in good faith and on legal grounds) and promoting the development of a legitimate Internet environment in which conditions are created that prevent the violation of exclusive rights, as well as consistently urges Users to respect the intellectual property of Right Holders and to prevent illegal use of objects of intellectual rights.

In addition, MATRYOSHKA.TV, having the status of an Information Intermediary, having expressed its intention to sign the Code of Good Practices, the Code of Ethical Activities (Work) on the Internet, undoubtedly acquires the status of a bona fide participant in legal relations within the framework of providing an information resource on the Internet.

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